XDX Named One of the Most Innovative Companies in Chicago

Chicago, Illinois - Oct 6, 2010 (PRN): Chicago Innovation Awards has named XDX Innovative Refrigeration as one of the top 75 companies in Chicago for one of their newest innovative products, MYSTICOOL Max. For more than a decade, XDX has assisted customers in reducing their global carbon footprint by driving down energy consumption in refrigeration and HVAC equipment. XDX increases existing equipment efficiencies while improving system operation performance and increasing food safety.

Chicago Innovation Awards annually recognizes and honors the citys most innovative new products and services. In this, the ninth consecutive year of the Chicago Innovation Awards, XDX is one of the smallest companies named in the top 75 most innovative Chicago institutions.

XDX was established over a decade ago with century old Chicago icon Vienna Beef as one of the first major Chicago area clients. XDX worked with Vienna to improve on an already steadfast commitment to food quality and safety as well as its dedication to reducing the environmental impact of refrigeration and HVAC equipment. It did so in a cost effective way by delivering significant energy savings. XDX has since worked with staples of the Chicago business community such as Kendall College, Pied Piper, Misericordia and Ravinia as well as organizations throughout the globe looking to reduce carbon emissions and operation costs.

In early 2009, XDX introduced the latest generation of its patented technologies, the MYSTICOOL Max valve. Use of the valve has allowed firms in 26 countries on 6 continents to reduce refrigeration and HVAC energy consumption by 15 percent or more. Use of the XDX valve has also reduced maintenance costs as refrigeration and air conditioning units operate more efficiently due to reduced operating temperatures and system run time, requiring less repair service.

Installation of XDXs innovative MYSTICOOL Max valve within existing refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment improves overall operation while reducing energy consumption. Refrigeration systems realize better efficiency and expanded capacity, storing product at safer, colder temperatures thereby increasing shelf life. XDX allows for air-conditioning systems to experience expanded capacity and increased efficiency, offering additional comfort cooling without replacing equipment. The potential to extend the life of both refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment by retrofitting XDX in existing systems will save XDX customers thousands in equipment replacement costs. XDX delivers benefits in a cost effective manner by enabling its customers realize benefits such as improved efficiency and kWh energy savings in their existing equipment with the Mysticool Max valve.

The technologies of the Mysticool Max valve are offered in new systems directly from a wide range of industry original equipment manufacturers. Partners of XDX include, Russell, Witt, ColdZone, Norlake, Carrier, ICS, Kramer, Beverage-Air, KolPak and others.

XDX is at the forefront of developing new technologies for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, helping companies effectively manage operating expenses and support global green initiative by reducing energy consumption and thus lowering operation costs. Since the introduction of the MYSTICOOL Max valve in February, XDX has shipped over 7,500 units globally. XDX has led the way in providing an efficient solution for its clients refrigeration and HVAC needs, establishing itself as a leader in innovative green technologies.

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XDX Innovative Refrigeration is committed to leveraging its industry-leading technology to help customers reduce energy and maintenance costs, increase food safety and meet environmental initiatives.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2009, the firm is based in suburban Chicago. Our award-winning and scientifically proven technologies have been installed by a multitude of clients in dozens of industries, including HVAC, foodservice, medical, entertainment, food manufacturing, hospitals and healthcare facilities, schools, colleges and universities. For more information, visit

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