Water Leaders Tap Opportunities in $483 Billion World Water Market

Singapore - Jun 28, 2010 (PRN): Next week, water leaders, industry players, investors and experts are expected to converge at Singapore International Water Week's highly anticipated country forums to advance top level exchange of knowledge and insights, and formulate possible solutions that could address the world's pressing water challenges. Many of these solutions will transform into viable business opportunities, ultimately boosting the value of the world water market currently estimated to be worth nearly US $500 billion.

As one of the pillar events of the Singapore International Water Week, the Business Forums have left an indelible mark as a business catalyst and growth engine as it opens up immense business networking, partnership formation, and deal-making opportunities in leading water markets in Americas, China, Europe, Australia, India, Japan, Middle East and North Africa, and Southeast Asia. Top billed by over 80 eminent speakers and distinguished industry experts from both the public and private sectors, each of the eight business forums will engage attendees in enriching and eye opening discussions on upcoming water projects, development hotspots, industry trends and policies from different market perspectives.

A recent Global Water Market Report from Global Water Intelligence has revealed that global mega-trends such as urbanisation, scarcity, and environmental protection have placed the water industry at its tipping point, heavily impacting the ever increasing demand for this precious resource. This year's business forums will provide the platform to capture key market opportunities while addressing these challenges.

"With the plethora of innovative solutions and global best practices that are available for participants in the Business Forum series, fuelled by the spirit of international cooperation and collaboration, we are optimistic of a bright future for the world water industry. The high level of expertise and experience present at the Business Forums will help countries adopt a glo-cal approach in their own water management programs - leveraging global best practices, while still making them relevant to the unique water needs of the local market," said Michael Toh, Managing Director of Singapore International Water Week.

Some 300 attendees in the highly anticipated China Business Forum are expected to leverage on key market intelligence and business outlook drivers in the RMB1 trillion China water sector. Increased government financing and support as well as existing policy and regulatory frameworks will be the China Business Forum's central themes. Accelerated water demand resulting from population explosion, rapid urbanization and increased agricultural and irrigation activities have pushed the demand for sustainable water projects in this emerging superpower.

Meanwhile, join the Australia Business Forum to learn how to get in with one of the world's top five spenders on desalination and water reuse. With huge swings in climactic conditions and strict environmental regulations, Australia can be an extremely challenging market to work in. Fortunately, the Australian Federal Government's generous A$12.9 billion "Water for the Future" water management and reform water policy framework makes this all worthwhile. Companies can look forward to projects ranging from small systems serving rural townships, to mega state-sponsored projects, as part of this serious national effort to ensure long term water sustainability in the world's driest inhabited continent.

In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, water is increasingly becoming scarce. As such industry speakers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Sultanate of Oman, and the United Arab Emirates will focus on water reuse and opportunities in the water and wastewater industry in the MENA business forum.

On the other hand, the India Business Forum will highlight the importance of public and private partnerships in developing sustainable water solutions for the world's second most populous country. A distinguished panel of top brass from the Indian government and industry players will converge in the forum to develop synergistic approaches in solving India's water problems.

Industry leaders and water experts in the Americas, Europe, Japan, business forums are expected to facilitate knowledge and insight sharing, showcase innovative technologies, and cover market opportunities while ministers and government leaders responsible for the development and management of water supply and resources in South East Asia (SEA) will tackle solutions that will provide clean and affordable water in this region within the SEA Business Forum.

A premiere networking event, the Business Forum series will be held on June 30 and July 1. In addition to sharing market perspectives, the eight business forums will host the signing of several memoranda of understanding by water bodies and commercial entities to boost development of water solutions and infrastructure.

About Singapore International Water Week

The Singapore International Water Week is the global platform for water solutions. It brings policymakers, industry leaders, experts and practitioners together to address challenges, showcase technologies, discover opportunities and celebrate achievements in the water world. Comprising the Water Leaders Summit, Water Convention, Water Expo and Business Forums, it culminates in the presentation of the Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize, a prestigious international award to recognise outstanding contributions in solving global water issues. The third Singapore International Water Week will be held from 28 June 28 to 2 July 2010. The theme is Sustainable Cities - Clean and Affordable Water. For more information, log onto



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