'Building Green' for Environmental Sustainability

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - May 7, 2010 (PRN): "Green building" is a term which refers to a better way of designing and constructing buildings in an environmental friendly way. Green buildings consume less energy and resources. With lower operating costs they provide opportunity for better return on investment. There is growing confidence that investment in Green Building and sustainable construction technologies not only make environmental sense but economic sense too.

Realizing this early, Malaysia launched its Green Building Mission three years ago and more recently the Green Building Index. It is important that the industry responds to these initiatives. With a focus on green design, materials, construction, retrofit and maintenance of buildings, Frost & Sullivan will host the Green Building Congress Malaysia 2010. The summit will be held on June 9, 2010 at the Sime Darby Convention Center.

The summit will bring together the best minds, technologies and practices in the industry to share knowledge on latest trends and technologies of green buildings, while offering a glimpse into the assessment methods of green buildings by regulators.

Elaborating on the growing importance of green sustainability in building construction, Satish Lele, vice-president for the Industrial Technologies practice at Frost & Sullivan says, "Energy efficiency and demand from customers are seen as the topmost drivers for green solutions in Malaysia. There is now growing confidence that investment in green building and sustainable construction technologies will bring about not only environmental benefits but economic benefits too. By announcing the RM1.5 billion fund for green technology adoption in its 2010 budget and tax reliefs for owners and buyers of GBI certified buildings, Malaysia has already taken a leap in positioning itself as a regional leader in green buildings. It is thus ideal that this congress on Green Buildings is to be held in Malaysia."

The summit will be graced by the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Y.B. Dato' Sri Peter Chin Fah Kui. Delivering the opening address, he will discuss the Malaysian government's vision and role in promoting the Green Building Mission, which was launched to raise awareness and promote efforts in achieving sustainable building and construction in the country. He will elaborate on the success to-date that the initiative has seen since its launch in March 2007.

The summit is supported by Nippon Paint Malaysia, a strong advocate of environmental sustainability and leader in environmentally friendly paint products. Dr Richard Seow, CTO of Nippon SEA Group will present the keynote address titled, "Building Green for Environmental Sustainability". In his keynote he will outline the benefits that organizations can reap through embracing sustainable building solutions and share the numerous methods in providing solutions to the industry and government in addressing climate change.

Other topics of discussion at the congress will include, tapping the market potential in green buildings, Green Building Certification policies, guidelines and benefits along with a success story that demonstrates, successfully tapping green initiatives to attain financial gains.

Aside from these stand-alone presentations, the congress will break into three concurrent tracks - Green Buildings Design, Smart Energy Buildings and Green Buildings Material post lunch. Each of these tracks will carry four separate sessions that will discuss the relevant sub-topics via presentations from builders, construction luminaries and Frost & Sullivan senior analysts. The choice tracks are open for delegate registration along with the main congress registration.

For a detailed program agenda / to register for the congress, please visit or e-mail your requests to

BASF is the bronze sponsor for this congress. The Malaysian Reserve is the official business newspaper, ZDNet Asia is the official online media partner, while PRNewswire is the official newswire. Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) and Green Building Index (GBI) are the supporting associations for this congress.



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