HIV Does Not Cause AIDS, And The Man Who Said It Did Is A “Scientific Gangster”

Bullhead City, AZ - May 29, 2006 (PRN): “HIV fails every medical and scientific test to be the cause of AIDS,” claims a former State Senator and Physician’s Assistant, Stephen Davis, author of Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial.

“Not only does it fail to meet Koch’s Postulates – the rules we have used for over a century to determine the cause of a disease – but it also fails Farr’s Law of exponential growth and the first Epidemiological Law of viral and microbial diseases; it isn’t infectious; and it doesn’t form clusters as it would have to if it were contagious,” Davis added.

Dr. Robert Gallo, the man who stole the HIV virus from the French and claimed it caused AIDS in 1984, is a man who cannot “be relied upon to tell the time correctly,” according to Dr. Stefan Lanka, a German virologist. Lanka went on to call Gallo “an American scientific gangster.”

But the AIDS virus is not the first or only thing Gallo stole. He also stole a virus from the Japanese; he stole an important and profitable lab culture; and he blatantly and knowingly lied on his patent application for the HIV blood test, according to a 1994 congressional investigation.

The Dingell Committee also found Gallo guilty of “intellectual recklessness of a high degree;” the Office of Scientific Integrity of the National Institutes of Health found Gallo guilty of “fabricated data and falsified reports;” and the Office of Research Integrity of the Department of Health and Human Services found Gallo guilty of scientific misconduct and called some of Gallo's key AIDS research, “of dubious scientific merit,” and “really crazy.”
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“Dr. Gallo is a common criminal – a thief and a liar,” Davis charged. “And this is the man we have believed for 25 years about AIDS and HIV!” Davis asked, “Why aren’t we listening instead to 2300 of the world’s top doctors and medical and scientific researchers, called the Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis, which includes Nobel Prize winners in chemistry and medicine, and members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, who all agree that HIV does not cause AIDS?”

Davis’ book, Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial, presents irrefutable evidence that 90% of the AIDS cases in the U.S. through 1997 were not caused by HIV, but by the drug AZT, given to “treat” HIV-positives.

“And today we are giving that same lethal drug, AZT, to thousands of innocent women and children in Africa. I predict that one day these people who still claim that HIV causes AIDS, and are pushing AZT on unsuspecting victims, will be found guilty of genocide in an international court, along with the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, who makes billions of dollars from the sale of their drug,” Davis suggested.

Former Arizona State Senator Stephen Davis, author of Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial, is available for both radio and TV interviews to present a balanced report to your audience while the United Nations General Assembly holds its High Level Meeting on AIDS this week in New York. Davis is a veteran of numerous radio and TV talk shows, including “Montel Williams” and “Geraldo.” He won the George Washington Medal of Honor from Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge in 1975, is listed in Who’s Who in American Politics (1975), and has been researching the HIV/AZT/AIDS controversy for over ten years, having published his first paper, AIDSgate, in 1996. A sample interview is available on CD upon request, or at

All statements in this press release are supported by more than 900 medical and scientific research papers, reports, books, and magazine articles. The complete list is available at

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