Open Letter to President George W. Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell and NSA Advisor Condoleeza Rice.

New York, USA - 25 March, 2002 (PRN):

President Bush:

We the undersigned would like to thank you for the tremendous job you are doing combating terrorism. Calling Iran, Iraq and North Korea the "axis of evil" is the most accurate characterization a U.S Administration ever used concerning these rogue states since the Reagan years when he then called the Soviet Union the "evil empire".

As representatives of tens of thousands of freedom loving individuals worldwide we strongly believe that America and our allies in the Middle East will never be able to destroy the international terrorist infrastructure and "root out" terrorism without addressing Syria's role and its continued occupation of Lebanon - a nation it uses as a staging ground for training suicide bombers, airline hijackers and other violent enemies of peace and freedom.

Secretary Powell:

We urge you to officially recognize that Syria, is a major sponsor of terror and must be on President Bush's list of the "axis of evil". We also believe it is imperative that the Syrian influence be removed from the region along with its occupation of Lebanon. This is the only acceptable scenario that will neutralize Hizballah, a "terrorist organization" while at the same time a legal member of the Lebanese government. Long standing sores festering in the region, such as the religious genocide enacted against Lebanon's indigenous Christian population, must be addressed and a proper balance must be reestablished between Muslims and Christians under a new leadership and a stable, strong, democratic, balanced government friendly to the West in general and Israel in particular.

Hopeful signs are emerging that offer future promise. New leadership, new goals, and new committed leaders are beginning to show great promise and offer much to the West. They need support of the type only the United States of America can deliver and the returns are much for a minimal investment. These people will lead the way back to their homeland and are familiar enough with the area to make a major difference if events flair out of control.

Honorable Condoleeza Rice:

We applaud you for your firm stand regarding Hizballah and strongly share your point of view regarding the latter.

Hizballah is in fact a well financed, organized and led terrorist group. It seems it has written the book on how to be a terrorist network for other terror networks throughout the world. This is partly due to the fact that it has risen to such a prominent stature being backed by two major national governments Iran and Syria, and is now part of the current Lebanese government that is making regional and national policy. Having stated the obvious, we urge you to do everything in your power to put an end to Hizballah's military infrastructure in Lebanon.

Please do not count on the Lebanese government to give you any helping hand in the process. We all know that Lebanon today maybe the only nation in the world that is totally occupied, its government a tool in the hands of the Syrian intelligence services, its parliament appointed and not elected, its legal system festering with bribery and corruption, its democracy ceding to autocracy, its economy in debt and beyond all means of repayment and the majority of its population living on the verge of poverty.

Time has never been more appropriate however, to rescue the Lebanese government from Hizballah, the Syrian military and intelligence infrastructure and help restoring what was the "Paris of the Middle East". Lebanese people have much to offer to America and the West once they are in full control of their destiny.

All this may sound idealistic, given the American turn inward; and that during the past twenty five years, three states (France, the United States, and Israel) have tried to stand up to Syrian rule in Lebanon, and all three failed. But Syria now lacks a real patron, American influence is stronger than ever, and economic dynamics are growing in importance. By taking a firm stand on this small but crucial issue, the U.S government could well get a process started that eventually leads to the resurrection of an independent Lebanon, with benefits for that country, the region, and for the United States itself.

Lebanese Foundation for Peace
U.S Committee for a Free Lebanon, Inc.
Lebanese Information and Research Center for the Middle-East
Maronite Research Council
Rassemblement Pour le Liban Libre - Canada (RPLL)  
The Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement
The Center for The Study of Corruption




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