Ness Technologies Selected by BEA to Present at Northeast Region User Group Meeting.

Ness USA Director of BEA-Documentum Integration to Present Real World Application of Web Services Integrating Documentum Content into Enterprise Architectures.

Hackensack, New Jersey - 13 March, 2002 (PRN):Ness Technologies, a leading multi-national IT professional services firm with US operations in Hackensack, New Jersey and Dulles, Virginia, today announced that Alan Zenreich, Director of Ness USA's BEA-Documentum Integration initiative, has been selected by BEA to present advanced Enterprise Content Management techniques at BEA's Spring 2002 User Group meetings in New York and New Jersey.

Entitled "Using WebLogic Workshop Controls for Enterprise Content," Mr. Zenreich's presentation will highlight new Web Services techniques to integrate Documentum into both distributed and enterprise-level architectures.

The presentation will highlight real-world examples - developed using BEA's WebLogic Server 7.0 and Documentum's 4i eContent Server - illustrating the methods used by Ness to create and centralize common software procedures for collecting and distributing enterprise content.

The centralized processes - known as Content Management Web Services - add component-like dimensions to Documentum. The components, and associated content management capabilities, can be offered for use - through standardized, secured channels - to any software application or website in the extended enterprise.

Mark Mszanski, BEA's VP and General Manager remarked "BEA's clients are placing a high priority on sharing content among various enterprise packages and applications. Ness is making a strong, early statement to the market that it possesses both the vision and skill to achieve the interoperability that the market demands. We are pleased to have Ness as a presenter in the Northeast Region User Group Meetings."

Commenting on the benefits of Web Services technology, Joe Fung, Ness USA's Chief Technology Officer, added "The market leading position of Documentum in Content Management - combined with the advanced Web Services offering provided by BEA's WebLogic Workshop - makes for a powerful Enterprise Content Management solution. Our experience is that Web Service technology offers a scalable solution for sharing content seamlessly across organizations, applications, and devices. The effective centralization of Content Management processes - through the use of BEA's WebLogic server and Documentum - generates opportunities for - 1) cost saving maintenance of content and software; 2) enterprise-level administration of content security; and 3) simplified sharing of common process-enabling functionality. In short, the combination of BEA WebLogic and Documentum as an Enterprise Content Management solution facilitates process efficiencies and tangible cost savings."

Mr. Zenreich noted that, "Ness' examples at the User Group meetings will represent one of the first attempts at successfully applying loosely coupled, coarse-grained, asynchronous integration for Enterprise Content Management. Ness is excited to present these process-optimizing ideas at the BEA User Group meetings and we are delighted to deepen our relationship with the BEA community as a whole."

About Ness Technologies

Ness is an aggressive, early adopter of BEA WebLogic platform technologies in order to bring the most advanced IT and e-Business solutions to its customers. Ness' perspective is that advanced Documentum integration projects - such as the Web Services concept highlighted in the User Group presentation - can form the foundation of content for the most complex e-Business needs. Ness maintains a Star Partnership status with BEA and a Signature Partnership status with Documentum.

Ness Technologies is a global provider of innovative IT solutions, with over 2,000 professionals based in the US, Europe, and Israel. The US operating arm (Ness USA), which has completed nearly 400 projects within its 16-year history, specializes in the custom development of business-critical web-based information systems that help companies achieve competitive advantage. Ness' customer base consists primarily of Global 2000 and middle-market firms spanning multiple industries, including pharmaceuticals and healthcare, telecommunications, media and publishing, and insurance. Ness has broad technical partnerships, enabling development of customized applications on a "technology-independent" basis. The firm currently has practice areas in e-Commerce/e-Business Applications, Mobile and Wireless Computing, Business Intelligence, Content Management, Web Services, Enterprise Portals, and Strategic Services.

For more information, please visit the Ness USA website at

About BEA
BEA is the world's leading application infrastructure software company with more than 12,500 customers around the world, including the majority of the Fortune Global 500. Companies turn to BEA to help them evolve their existing enterprise software applications from inflexible, redundant, legacy client/server architectures to highly responsive, mature Web infrastructures. Companies built on BEA software are able to use IT to effect rapid change within their organizations and achieve breakthrough levels of efficiency and responsiveness. The BEA WebLogic® Enterprise Platform provides the application infrastructure foundation that simplifies the flow of information, decreases the costs of managing applications, and makes an enterprise more agile, productive, and connected. BEA's platform is also the de facto standard for more than 2,100 systems integrators (SIs), independent software vendors (ISVs), and application service providers (ASPs) who partner with BEA to ensure the successful deployment of your solution.

The BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform™, a unified software infrastructure, was developed in response to customers' demands for a simpler way to develop, deploy, integrate, and manage enterprise applications and Web Services. The BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform includes the market-leading BEA WebLogic Server™ at it's core, the award-winning BEA WebLogic Portal™, BEA WebLogic Integration™, and the new application development and deployment framework, BEA WebLogic Workshop™.

About Documentum
Documentum provides an enterprise-scale XML content management solution to automate the production and exchange of trusted content within and beyond the enterprise. Documentum products and services help Global 2000 companies create, manage, personalize, and deliver this content in a secure, scalable, and reliable fashion. With specific packages designed to help companies engage in online transactions, business exchanges, partner and supplier relationships, and related e-business interactions, Documentum provides the solutions that are fundamental to accelerating e-business initiatives.

These solutions include Documentum 4i¡ Web Content Management Edition, for establishing true processes and controls that solve Web site production bottlenecks; Documentum 4i Compliance Edition, for content assurance in regulated or controlled environments; Documentum 4i Portal Content Management Edition, for extending portal capabilities to allow users to advance workflows and act on what they see; and the Documentum 4i B2B Edition, for bringing advanced content management to marketplace exchanges and commerce sites.

Documentum content management technology is an essential component of a scalable e-business infrastructure. At the foundation of this technology is the Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform that provides a product architecture with XML capabilities to govern both digital assets and business processes, and manage the entire content lifecycle - from content creation through delivery. Documentum also offers a wide range of services including consulting, training, and technical support. -Business applications, Business Intelligence, Content Management, Web Services, Enterprise Portals, and Strategic Services.

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