SEARCH continues its aggressive expansion - opening another office in Kuwait.

Dubai, UAE - 09 January, 2002 (PRN):After less than 18 months in operation, Bayt has already expanded into 7 fully operational offices across the Arab world with Kuwait being the latest addition. This reflects the tremendous success the brand has had since its launch in November 2000. With over 160,000 professionals and 4200 leading organizations using Bayt's online recruitment services, is today the unparalleled online recruitment leader in the Arab World. Bayt offers the faster, easier and more cost effective way to match regional jobs with top caliber candidates from the region and abroad.

The Kuwait office will cater to the needs of an important job market in the Arab World. Specifically, Kuwait is a priority market for Bayt as it houses a large base of top caliber Jobseekers and Employers. Today Bayt's database already has over 4000 jobseekers and 200 leading corporations from Kuwait alone. Based on Bayt's other 6 offices track record, these numbers are expected to increase significantly in the coming weeks. With the new office opening, Bayt is now equipped to cater to this large and growing audience from their own geography.

Employers in Kuwait can now utilize Bayt's proprietary and unique online recruiting tools to find top caliber talent both from Kuwait and abroad in a faster, easier and more cost-effective manner. Employers in Kuwait can expect to save up to 90% versus their traditional recruiting costs and reduce their recruiting time significantly. Importantly for those employers looking to hire Kuwaiti nationals residing locally or abroad, or any other nationality, Bayt galvanizes over 116 nationalities and 84 industry categories all under one easy to access database. With a click of a button, employers can select from 19 different filtering criteria and find the candidates that match their "exact" requirements in seconds.

Jobseekers, on the other hand, will be provided with a full set of job-hunting tools and will be able to conduct highly specific searches for jobs across the Middle East and North Africa, using Bayt's sophisticated technology and databases. Jobseekers can search by a wide variety of criteria, which include location, industry, salary, skills and experience. Besides that, they will be able to create multiple CVs using the Bayt CV Builder, apply directly to any available jobs instantly and manage their job hunt through a personal online workspace.

Additionally, jobseekers can also make use of the different 'Lifestyle Engineering' tools. These tools empower users to make informed decisions regarding career, education, and other aspects of their lives.

For Bayt, the new office reflects the success Bayt has had so far since the launch in November 2000. Once again, Bayt fulfills its' promise to provide unparalleled recruitment solutions to the region.

About Bayt: is the fastest growing online recruitment site in the Middle East, revolutionizing recruitment in the region with its unparalleled functionality and quality. Bayt is fully bi-lingual in English and Arabic and offers a faster, easier, more effective and cost efficient method for employers to find top candidates and for job seekers to find jobs in the Middle East and North Africa.

Bayt's sophisticated proprietary technology and extensive databases enable users to rapidly, accurately and confidentially search for job listings and qualified applicants without the need for costly and time-consuming intermediaries. Users can conduct highly specific searches using a wide selection of criteria, including location, industry, salary, skills and experience. In addition, Bayt offers daily content that is relevant to the region and expert advice about job hunting and career development, as well as an opportunity to network with other professionals through online forums and discussions.

The primary goal of Bayt is defined by its unique "lifestyle engineering" proposition: To empower users to plan and build their lifestyle of choice and make informed and optimal decisions regarding career, education, family and other aspects of their daily lives in the region.

For more information, contact:

Mona Ataya
Tel: +9714 391 1913; +9714 391 1900

Kuwait branch Contact information:
Kuwait Free Trade Zone
Tel: +965 461 0450
Fax: +965 461 0451



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